5 Things We Heart - Josie

The 5 Thing We Heart blog posts are back and we are starting of with Josie, our Retoucher Team Leader, with the 5 Things she Hearts!

Phantom DJI Quadcorp - Totally and ridiculously cool drone for filming aerial shots. Dying to buy one of these to use with my GoPro! The possibilities are endless.

Breaking Bad AMC Insider Podcast - Really good insight into the post production on Breaking Bad. There is a podcast for every episode and features tons of different people who worked on the show. Quite funny and definitely interesting!

Zico Chocolate Coconut Water - Started drinking this a few weeks ago, really good source of potassium and magnesium and tastes so amazing! Great natural energy booster!

On Film Making / Alexander Mackendrick - Loads of cool tips for aspiring film makers by Mackendrick who directed some sweet films back in the day including Sweet Smell of Success.

Record Collecting - Always on the hunt for some good records to spin. Seem to be growing a big collection of limited edition Elvis albums - can’t complain, he is my favourite!

Food Tip: Boom Burger

Seeing as we’re all massive fans of Honest Burger, Patty & Bun and Five Guys, it’d be rude not to sample some of the Caribbean inspired culinary delights currently on offer down at Boom Burger on Portobello Rd. As the newest addition to London’s burger scene, this joint is serving up an infusion of Caribbean inspired food in the form of burgers & wings.

Opened early last month, the new eatery is tucked under the grimy location of the Westway, and you can hear it before you see it given the sound of Reggae booming out. The small yet perfectly formed restaurant is home to one of the best burgers we’ve ever tasted in London thus far - and that my friend - is a statement.

The Boom Burger was amazing with bacon jam, cheddar cheese & a brioche bun. The true highlight of the meal however had to be the jerk wings, which weren’t too spicy and were the perfect complement for the burger.

The vibe is great and we can’t imagine what it’ll be like once Notting Hill Carnival arrives in a few months time…


Faye’s Styling Tip #1

Faye is one of the stylists here at I Heart Studios, and has worked with a number of revered names in the industry such as ASOS, Adidas & Mr. Porter. With an impressive array of brands like that under her belt, we thought you might be interested to hear about some of her styling thoughts and musings she encounters on a weekly basis. Faye’s first styling tip is below – we hope it’s the first of many!

“In March I made the move from W3 to E3 and I can’t think of a better way to mark this milestone than with East London’s finest homeware label House of Hackney. I’ll be investing in the original Palmeral print linen cushion in green… and may even invest in the dress to match“. Price: £65 http://www.houseofhackney.com/home/palmeral-medium-linen-cushion-white-green.html

Meet our neighbours…Say Fromage

You probably already know that here at I Heart we are very proud of our Bermondsey home. We have some fantastic neighbours here in the Biscuit Factory complex, and one of nearest and dearests is Say Fromage who are based just a couple of floors below us.

Say Fromage provide photo booths for parties and events, but they do so with a real difference as they focus much more on the party experience, and they have really taken the concept of a photo booth to a new level.

In fact we have worked with Say Fromage on many events and it’s safe to say their photobooths have always been at the heart of the party. Just take a look at the photos to see what we mean!

Besides taking a great photograph what’s brilliant is that they can set up the booth to match the theme of any party with bespoke artwork for backgrounds and interactive graphics. It means the crowd get really involved, and with all the interactivity for social media channels even more people get to see the fun. They have just launched a new idea called the Paparazzi Machine so everyone can have their red carpet moment – we think it’s really fun so take a look here to see more about their projects http://www.sayfromage.co.uk/bespoke/case-studies-2/

We thought we’d be kind neighbours and give our friends a little feature but if you want find out more contact info@sayfromage.co.uk

The Photography Show 2014 - reviewed by our very own Oscar

One of our retouchers Oscar visited the inaugural Photography and Retouching Show last weekend, and this is what he had to say…

Going to bed early on a Saturday isn’t your usual choice to take on a weekend, but the first Photography and Retouching Show of the UK might just be that one chance to think it through.

My voyage begins at around 5:30 AM, I’ll give you the short version to make it less tedious, home, bus, bus train, train station not working, cab, run, run, train, sleep, breakfast, tea all over my trousers, 10:22 am Birmingham International – I made it!

The trip actually felt pretty short; a train stuffed to the brim of photographers and retouchers blasting each other with tweets, all making way to the Photography Show, is what we were made for, the most similar thing you can get to a geek Disneyland.

Having made my complete Schedule the night before, my two main goals were to meet Joe McNally (For whom I saved the ticket for the super-show) and say hello to Glyn Dewis, a retoucher and photographer (yes, retoucher and photographer in that order) whom if you don’t know his youtube channel you might be barking up the wrong tree career-wise (Just joking! Kinda…) whose seminary begins at 10:30 sharp.

Running from the entrance to the other end of the complex, jumping over an ocean of photographers heavily armed with a plethora of cameras and lenses (I still can’t quite figure why I saw more than one equipped with a 300mm) I make it to the seminar just two minutes before they close the doors.

I manage to find a seat without provoking much bloodshed, the lecture begins and I can breathe and catch my breath. Glyn, as usual, both splendid and a genius.

Making time before the Super Show, I strolled around the Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sigma and Wacom stands, between many others, trying to catch a glimpse of their new releases and I was able to try out the new Wacom Cintiq, which was quite as a I expected, a tablet for illustrators, as it is very easy to make half a document with your own hand. Awesome indeed, but from there to being useful to retouchers… that I doubt.

I visited the exhibition of the 30 best under 30 photographers (only 3 years left for me mates) where I saw really impactful photography, take a tour through this link to get a good look at the full gallery, it’s worth every second:

Between stands I crossed paths with Tigz Rice, an impressive Boudoir and Fashion photographer from London, besides being an incredible retoucher herself, imparting a practical lesson on fashion photography. It’s awe inspiring to say the least how very easy it may seem when it’s a professional that does it.

My next seminar (45 minutes before Joe McNally!) is with the DataColor boys (whom you’ll probably now from the Spyder Monitor calibrators) and it treated the topic of how to accelerate your workflow when it’s time to colour match your photos. I was left astounded by the new product they have developed, SpyderChekr, that in less than one minute matches the color of the physical product with the photo. Sadly I had to leave mid-lecture, it’s SuperShow time!

The moment I had been waiting for so long was finally there, I was able to see Joe McNally, a photographic reporter shaped by the good old times of “The photography must come out perfect from the camera”, many times featured on the front page of the National Geographic, The Times, and many other world wide magazines, excellent orator and an even better person.

I got to the SuperStage fifteen minutes beforehand and it’s very nearly full. Thank goodness I’m a bit of a skinny runt and manage to squirm in between two… let’s just say -robust- individuals, but who gives, I’m gonna seed Joe McNally!

Five minutes before start, Joe appears and cool as you please, has a walk in between the audience, greeting nearly everyone and thanking us our presence whilst joking with his acquaintances.

The lights come off and everyone is in silence, then the show begins. During one and a half hours he told us his life as a photographer from when he began to just very recently, when he climbed the tallest building in the world, in Dubai (and this man is sixty-one years old?). I can swear I haven’t ever laughed half as much, for this man, truths are to be as clear as a cup of water.

I leave here for all of you, what I think was the best quote of him; “No matter how much crap you gotta plough through to stay alive as a photographer, no matter how many bad assignments, bad days, bad clients, snotty subjects, obnoxious handlers, wigged-out art directors, technical disasters, failures of the mind, body, and will, all the shouldas, couldas, and wouldas that befuddle our brains and creep into our dreams, always remember to make room to shoot what you love. It’s the only way to keep your heart beating as a photographer.”
Joe McNally

Once my parting with Mr Joe was done, I just had to visit the hundreds of stands left on digital printing, photographic equipment, futuristic technology, photography schools, new software… Things enough to probably write a thesis about, but I’d rather save it and invite all of you to go see for yourself, it’s worth it.

In conclusion, I’m usually quite demanding in these type of events, and more so if I have to pay for them (albeit £10 pounds being a more then reasonable price) and this has a 10 out of 10 score. It’s been the first year, and I doubt it’s going to be the last.

Fashion’s Gone Logo Mad

Moschino went MacDonald’s mad last week at MFW, sending their towering models down the catwalk in Maccies-inspired uniform clasping onto trays carrying red & yellow quilted bags with “M” emblazoned on. The collection had the obligatory Moschino logo plastered everywhere, and styling reminiscent of Chanel in the 90’s. We particularly heart the Fries iPhone cases which look great an AW14 must-have item already. Anya Hindmarch followed suit with Tony the Tiger tote bags, Daz pouches and bag charms that looked like leather replica McVities biscuits packages. There’s something incredibly appealing about this seasons bombardment of brands and logos and it looks like it’s a trend to watch.

The Closing Credits

Our month long art project at the Shoreditch Art Wall sadly come to an end today, but being I Heart Studios we wanted to end on a high. This project was all about showcasing what can be achieved through great collaborations. Therefore, to close the campaign we wanted to present all four creative shoots collectively, as a celebration of both our clients collections and our talented team. We also want to say a big thank you to the partners we worked with - Spitfire Sunglasses, Ben Sherman, Fault Magazine and Underated London. Thanks to you all for your originality, energy and innovation.

As a final sign off, we also wanted to reveal some behind the scenes footage from the campaign. We have a fantastic video of our Fault Magazine editorial shoot which can be viewed here and some exclusive shots of the Underated studio shoot featuring their amazing S/S14 collection. All of this and more can be found on our website so click here to take a look.

We love LFW

 There is no city in the world that does Fashion Week better than London. Here at iHeart we get so excited by what’s being served up on our home turf. We take a quick glance at this season’s offerings…

Christopher Kane


The much-anticipated Christopher Kane show saw another affirmation that effulgent tones are no longer the sole preserve of builders and lollipop ladies. The fluro green knitwear had ruched and lace detailing, and was sent down the runway on androgynous models. The revered designer produced conceptual garments that had wavering book-like layers that glided and undulated with movement. The show-stopping piece was a dusty pink shift dress with curving material that appeared to cut through the arms.



Christopher Bailey took the fashion house Burberry down a new avenue this season with hand painted shoes and luxury accessories. The colour palette was the expected yet excellent autumnal tones of a red wine, light brown and an assortment of patterns in muted tones. The closing sequence fronted by Cara Delevigne saw the troupe of models swamped underneath personalised poncho blankets that had a contemporary oversized Burberry nova check.



Sibling is one of our favourite emerging British designers, producing excellence in the form of knitwear. The London-based brand never fails to cause a stir, as this season a disorientated model struggling to strut, booted off her heels and persevered barefoot. Disregarding her footwear woes, the model looked amazing in an intricately designed white floor length, long sleeved & skin tight crocheted dress.


We love the latest images on the Shoreditch Art Wall, shot in collaboration with our neighbours Underated London. We are big admirers of the brand and this S/S14 collection, so we wanted to ask them some questions.
Their Creative Director, Chidi Nwaubani also had some very kind words to say about us!

Tell us about your S/S14 collection - we love it, but whats it all about?
The word Renaissance means to be reborn. It seemed only right that we created this line to signify the rebirth of street fashion. It’s all about street wear fused with high fashion, bold imagery merged plus limited B/W colour schemes.

We are neighbours - based in Bermondsey and proud of it. Are your South East London roots important to the brand?
As designers we take inspiration from our environment, South East London just as a cultural hub has influenced the brand a lot. London has an illustrious heritage in menswear fashion, this mixed with a vibrant street culture allow brands like Underated to thrive.

You are enjoying good times at the moment - whats been the best piece of advice you have received in setting up your brand?
To stay current you have to always reinvent your brand. So expect a lot more from us in the next coming years, a few things we have planned may surprise you.

And what other advice would you give to up and coming new designers?
We would say have a strong concept and relationship with your core fans. If your fans believe in your concept they will promote your brand with a passion.

We really enjoyed working with your collections, and we love the images. What do you think of what we’ve done?
I Heart Studios have managed to take our most identifying factor and create an amazing piece of art. We love what they have done and have been inspired by the creative process and quality which the company takes pride in.